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"Every band wants to reinvent Rock'n'Roll, we're just writing good songs instead!"

Years have past since the last release of those alternative rockers from Lebkuchen-City. Four years they almost got lost in the well known doom of a daft rock'n'roll band. Growing fame and easy money came with too many drugs and beautiful women, followed by drug problems and less beautiful women, musical and individual differences, lineup changes, a tribute album und finally the buzz faded out. Some have rumoured the band had already taken its last breath, but hey! Surprise, surprise: They are still there. And regardless of the consequences, weight problems and loss of hair they're still standing on stage, sweating and playing their hearts out, until the devil takes them.
Subwave are probably one of the most underestimated rock bands from Germany though no one can say how many bands have been influenced by their outstanding work. If somebody will sing the song of the unknown heroes of Rock'n'Roll there will be no doubt: Subwave can not be unsung. And any critic worth its salt won't deny their major importance in music history. More than ten years on the road to success, they came a long way producing eternal masterpieces only to be appreciated by the afterworld. We thought the time is right for a tribute to one of the greatest bands ever and ever and ever. download press kit or join our newsletter

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